Inside Reverso

The design choices, materials and shapes influence the sailing experience.
The laser was launched in 1970 and is widely sailed in sailing schools.

On this article you will lear the key differences regarding :

  • Storage
  • Transport
  • Weight
  • Ease to sail
  • Capsizing and capsize recovery
  • Deck shape
  • Global performance
  • Materials


Laser & conventional dinghy : find a place

In many places like Switzerland, France, USA it is hardly impossible to find a place to store your dinghy. Boat parks are full, and there is almost no turnover. We've been there, and find that this storage pressure is preventing sailors and newcomers to have theur own boat.

Dinghy Park at Broadstairs sailing Club, UK

Cost of use : save up to 4000$ / 5 years with the Reverso Air