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Fastest Compact Sailboat

Reach high speeds, helm with confidence a new generation of sailboats

Fastest sailing dinghy

Whats makes a fast sailing dinghy ? A powerful rig, a planing hull that combines lightweight and great control.
Discover what the future of sailing looks like and join owners in more than 26 countries around the world

Reach 16kts + Boat speed

Watch this Reverso owners cruising at high speeds in Italy

Dériveur Reverso Air naviguant en double au planing avec deux enfants à bord.

Full control

" It's not just a drive, it's an experience"

The super large chined and flat hull allows for faster drive  and makes you sail with more control.

Track your speed

The Reverso is the only dinghy with an integrated cockpit recess for the GPS speedometer. Get instant feedback, optimize your sail trimming and smash your personal records.

USA Boat of the year winner

The Reverso won the boat of the year title awarded by Sail Magazine USA. The judges had outstanding fun pushing the Reverso in Annapolis, Chesapeake bay.

Why is Reverso
a super fast boat ?

  • Because It's super light (it's handcrafted with care in our own factory)
  • It has a super large powerful chined hull
  • Because you can twist the sail precisely with maximum efficiciency (carbon rig)
  • Because We come from a racing background. Performance sailing is our culture.