Foldable Sailboats: Unleashing Performance Beyond Expectations

The Reverso sailboat is a folding, high performance dinghy that fits in your car's trunk.

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I absolutely love my Reverso sailboat I absolutely love my Reverso sailboat! It has exceeded all of my expectations! It is very easy to put together and just a blast to sail! Also, the responsiveness of the company is outstanding!

- Ben E. USA 🇺🇸

Ultra-fast intuitive assembly.

Logistics is often the enemy of sailing. Rigging your boat should no longer be a "mission" where you have to adapt to a less than ergonomic equipment.

We put the user back at the center of the design and rethought every step of the assembly process. So, even when disassembled, the Reverso Air is ready faster than any other dinghy.

Floatibility : each hull element floats independantly

Each hull section floats independently. Each is a closed, watertight, double-bottomed box filled with air that allows it to float.

The total volume of air inside is 240 liters. The thickness of the floor has been calculated so that the water is under the floor, even at the maximum permitted load 352 lbs (160 kgs)

Rigid Composite Hull

Our choice is a rigid hull - Stiffness is key: it is a guarantee of performance, safety and responsiveness and the whole behaviour of a boat.
The hull material is totally rigid, composed of 4 rigid sections, vacuum infused in glass/polyester composite with carbon reinforcements and Soric® honeycomb core technology

Rock solid connections

We use 2 independent tensioning systems, lying on the deck, each side of the boat
Pre-tensioning technology derivates from architecture and is used to build bridgesWe recommend to pull firmly with one hand the cascade system.
The pulling force applied is multiplied 14x thanks to the cascade.
The resulting force, thanks to the cascade transmission is more than 1300lbs/600kgs


See our boats pricing, customers testimonials, get more info on delivery and get our letest brochure

Shop the Reverso Air


See our boats pricing, customers testimonials, get more info on delivery and get our letest brochure

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