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Lightweight Sailboat

Infusion, carbon, sandwich, CNC.. we use the most advanced technologies to build lighter sailboats.

Lightweight Sailing Dinghy

Weight is important because it makes handling, launching, and sailing easier, faster and much more enjoyable.
Accelerations are straightforward and the driving experience immediately puts a smile on your face.

Discover what the future of sailing looks like and join owners in more than 26 countries around the world

Largest hull section : 37 lbs (16.8 kgs)

Each section is light and can be carried easily, without any help. The total hull weight is only 121 lbs (55 kgs)

Capsized ? No problem

The lightness of the boat and of the rig makes it very easy to recover a capsize.

Boatbuilding excellence

The infusion process allows for the best weight/strength ratio. Our composite sandwich is made of a honeycomb Soric® core with side layers of fibre.

We use carbon fiber where the loads are the greatest.

Smoother drive

The lightness brings a super smooth and precise helming experience with lively accelerations. Sharp turns or easy drive, you set the pace !

Why is Reverso
a super light boat ?

  • It's built in house in our french factory, not at the other side of the world. So we have full control over the process
  • it's made of sandwich composite fiberglass with carbon reinforcements
  • it's built under vaccum infusion
  • The mast is made of high modulus  carbon fiber, it wieighs only 3150 grams