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Every Reverso we build features a unique design and patented technologies, inspired by architecture (Tension Dynamics®) and ocean racing.

Modern Dinghy

We integrate the most advanced technologies for a better sailing experience.

Discover what the future of sailing looks like and join owners in more than 26 countries around the world

La voile membrane du dériveur Reverso

New generation of sails.

Efforts are not spread equally in a sail profile, that is the reason why we use Membrane technology : Digital fibre application according to the sail's forces: XXL resistance in the stress zones and 3-ton press applied for perfect and durable lamination.

Every Reverso is equipped with the  7m² (75 sq ft) Black Membrane sail. Membrane is the technology used in round-the-world sailing races like the Vendée Globe.

Introduced in mid-2019 on the Reverso, the Black Membrane has significantly increased the wind range, providing more power in light winds, and in stronger winds, it maintains a very stable profile, does not flap during maneuvers, and allows for smoother, faster sailing.
Woven in Italy, made in France for your Reverso.

Carbon mast as standard

Carbon technology brings massive gains in responsiveness, righting moment and ease of masting.

This mast is also 100% drill-less. We use a very high bond processes to avoid drilling the mast and have an increased durability.

The Reverso's mast is built in 4 parts of 140cm each. They are interlocking, with a carbon connection sleeve. The total weight of the mast is 6.5 lb (2.95 kgs).

Le mat carbone du Reverso Air

Composite sandwich construction

We chose a composite "sandwich" structure with a Soric® honeycomb core.

During the draping stage of the fiber, a core material (Soric®) is incorporated, allowing for improved resin flow, and increased wall thickness, greatly increasing inertia and stiffness. A stiffer boat transmits the energy of the rig better, is more responsive, faster and more efficient.

The choice of the vacuum infusion construction allows a very high repeatability and presents the best strength/weight compromise. It is also more respectful of the environment and of the operators of the production team.

Structure composite du dériveur Reverso
Voilier démontable Reverso Karma red  en position pliée

Folding rigid hull.

The Reverso Air is the world's best performing compact dinghy. Its hull can be disassembled without tools in an instant to solve all the usual transport and storage problems.

You can now go on a weekend trip with your boat ... in the trunk of your car.

Dimensions :
Transport mode : 4’7" x 3’ x 2’4" - (145x92 cm h=72cm)
Storage mode (photo) : 4'7" x 2'4 x 3' - (145x72 h=92cm)

Reverso Cockpit.
Instant speed display

The XXL digital display allows you to validate and test settings and get instant feedback, to become a better trimmer and a better sailor.

It also records the day's Vmax so you can challenge your friends, measure your progress or challenge other sailors in the Reverso community
Each Reverso has a dedicated space in the cockpit to receive the speedo. it's available as an option except on the Reverso match where it is standard equipment.

Fermetures à levier du dériveur Reverso Air

Racing DNA

Ocean racing is a permanent laboratory of innovation. It pushes our sport to the top. Over the last 10 years, developments in hull shapes, composites and sails have transformed our sport. We claim a modern and technological sailing, and seek to integrate a maximum of these technologies into our sailboats.

Dériveur double Reverso Air qui navigue avec deux enfants au planning sur un lagon de la Réunion

Experience the Reverso Air in 3D

The design of the Reverso is incredibly subtle. This is what gives it its marine abilities and its outstanding storage capacity. Discover Reverso in all its details in 3 dimensions.