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Towing a Reverso with a bike ?

Towing a Reverso with a bike ?

The Reverso Air is a portable dinghy that fits in the trunk of a car, and what if you didn't even need a car? This idea of a folding boat towed by a bicycle makes sense today and is already a reality for many Reverso owners.
The electric or standard bike allows you to ride effortlessly to the lake or the ocean. The picture below shows the trailer of one of our customers in Switzerland. He created a machine of total freedom, and made his trailer only from recycled bike parts. It's up to you to reinvent your way of sailing!

A Reverso Air Owner in Zurich, Switzerland taking feedom to the next level with a DIY boat trailer towed by a bike
Great Craftmanship for this superlight cargo trailer made for the Reverso Air !
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