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Reverso Air is USA boat of the year winner

Reverso Air is USA boat of the year winner

Reverso Air is USA boat of the year winner

11:30pm - a call with the US area code is displayed. It's Alex Caslow calling from Annapolis who tells me the news: the Reverso Air has been elected "USA Boat of the year" by the jury of Sail magazine USA.

A logistical race against time

Wow! flash back: a few weeks before, we were learning the pre-selection of the Reverso Air.

A logistical race against time had begun to get a Reverso Air to Annapolis, Maryland before October to be ready for the sea trials.

Alex had barely had time to unpack the sailing dinghy before the first inspections by the independent jury chaired by naval architect Greg Stewart, president of the jury.

Tough sailing conditions

That day, the stars are aligned: the wind is blowing at more than 20 kts in Chesapeake Bay, and Greg Stewart, in charge of the water test is an expert in dinghy sailing.

The verdict will be final in these conditions.

The sea conditions are good, the body of water is protected. The configuration is ideal for fast planing speed runs.

Greg gets ready, he leaves organization's RIB and sets off. 

He seems to find the right pace and position slightly backwards, uses the small chop to accelerate... 

He continues the runs, followed by the RIB on which the jury is getting extremely surprised!

An hour and a half later, Greg is back with a big smile on his face. 

We don't know it yet, but it's won!

Believe in your dreams

A few days later, the verdict falls: Reverso Air has officially conquered the USA. 

We are on a cloud! This is a huge recognition and a great pride for the Reverso team, our partners, our customers all around the world.

We are measuring how far we have come since the creation phase of our "dinghy of the future", the prototyping phase, the realization of the molds and finally the industrial transition. 

After being nominated for the Audi Talents Awards, "best design" category, a few months earlier, the Reverso Air confirms its performance potential and is propelled into another dimension!

The award goes to the Reverso AIR nesting dinghy, with its unique mechanical arrangement for disassembly into a stack of components small enough to fit into the back of a compact SUV. 
Once on-site, the French-built Reverso can be easily assembled in just a few minutes-no need for a trailer or launch ramp-the build quality is outstanding and the fully assembled hull is rock-solid under sail, thanks to a clever tensioning system that keeps things from falling apart. (During a boisterous test sail, the hull proved as rigid and reliable as any structure made from solid glass). 
Best of all, the Reverso is a hell of a lot of fun to sail, with speed to burn, thanks to its powerful square-top rig. Be warned though, that sexy tumblehome bow also makes for a fairly wet boat-although with this kind of sailing, that's typically all just part of the fun.

Extract from SAIL Magazine

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