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Durability : how is the hull made ? how durable is a Reverso ?

Durability : how is the hull made ? how durable is a Reverso ?

Hull Construction

For hull construction, we did not innovate : we used the best practice available.

Process :

  • Vaccum infusion - for best strength / weight ratio
  • CNC machining - for neat and repeatable lines


  • Composite Sandwich :  
  • ISO-NPG Gelcoat
  • 450 to 900 g/sqm bibias fiberglass
  • SORIC® Core - Honeycomb Low resin consumption core
  • Polyester resin
  • Carbon reinforcements


  • ISO 12215-5:2019  Small craft — Hull construction and scantling


Like a Hobie 16 catamaran or a 420 dinghy, the Reverso Hull can be repaired very simply DIY with a mastic polyester kit available anywhere online or in local shipshandler.
Any composite specialist can also do the job.


Hull, centerboard & mast are custom made, but being made of laminate composite, they can all be repaired either DIY or with a professional boatyard close to you. We never broke a mast with our drill free technology.

Deckware, rudder are supplied on the shelve.

Boom tubes can be sourced locally

Tension straps : you just can't break them

Finally, we keep a full inventory of parts on our logistic platform, ready to ship if needed.

Chosen by the best super-yachts

The Reverso is made to last !
It comes with a 2 year warranty and will be sailed along a lifetime !
It is a reason why Reverso is also a #1 choice in the very demanding industry of superyachts

A Wally 148 Superyacht  carrying 2 Reverso onboard

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