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Light : Ultra-portable and effortless sailing

Light : Ultra-portable and effortless sailing

Super light handling

The largest section weighs less than 37 pounds. The design pitch was a small yacht allowing for solo assembly, even by a teenager or small sailor. We have many owners who used to sail larger dinghies but were stuck because the boat was too heavy to handle or launch alone.

Section 1 : 9 kgs
Section 2
: 14,2 kgs
Section 3
: 16,8 kgs
Section 4
: 17,2 kgs

Large handle included

Our large suction handle is supplied with each Reverso. It fits perfectly, especially if you are working solo.

Let's go!

The Reverso is designed to be mounted right next to your car. To transport nothing, simply remove the sections, mount the boat there and use the telescopic beach trolley to reach the water.

Light weight on the water

Sailing a very light canoe gives you extra control: your weight.

Chances are the Reverso Air is lighter than you are! You will find that a light boat brings responsiveness, fast acceleration and real pleasure at the helm.

The vacuum infusion process

This is how we build our Reverso dinghies. Infusion provides a clean working environment thanks to a highly standardised process. This is how we achieve the best weight/strength ratio.

There is no way back !