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Rigidity : how the connections make it rock solid ?

Rigidity : how the connections make it rock solid ?

Our choice is a rigid hull - Stiffness is key: it is a guarantee of performance, responsiveness and the whole behaviour of a boat.
The full rigidity of Reverso is obtained with the combination of 3 factors :

  1. Tension Dynamics® patented system
  2. Military grade levers
  3. Use of Dyneema® technology

Tension dynamics ®

We use 2 independent tensioning systems, lying on the deck, each side of the boat
Pre-tensioning technology derivates from architecture and is used to build bridges

We recommend to pull firmly with one hand the cascade system.
The resulting force, thanks to the cascade transmission is more than 1300lbs/600kgs

Military grade lever locks

Produced from electropolished 316 Stainless
Made in Sweden, used by the French army.

Rigid Composite hull

The hull material is totally rigid , composed of 4 rigid sections, vacuum infused in glass/polyester composite with carbon reinforcements and Soric® honeycomb core technology

Dyneema® fiber

Built in Japan, Dyneema® fiber is 15x stronger than steel at the same weight, with a tensile strength up to 43 cN/dtex.
As well as its extraordinary strength, Dyneema® excels in cut and abrasion resistance and has a high resistance to chemicals and UV.
We couldn't have developed our technology without the use of this fiber
It is used in automotive, aerospace and military industry, including G-resistant suits for military jet pilots

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