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Simon Van der Linden : Swiss sailing

Simon Van der Linden : Swiss sailing

While sailors from all over the world stay in port, Simon is fortunate to be able to sail because sailing is possible in Switzerland as long as the sanitary distances are respected. As soon as possible, the adopted Zurich native is taking advantage of the spring conditions to put in a few tacks on his Reverso

"I consider myself a passionate person. I've always been attracted to boats, especially small sailboats and I've been getting back into them since I've been living by the lake," explains this young father, who launched the boat in February. He fell in love at first sight with the ultra-transportable dinghy. "In Switzerland, the lakeshores are densely populated and parking spaces for boats are scarce and expensive. I didn't want to transport a boat on a trailer, so I looked for another solution. "His choice quickly turned to the Reverso, which is "handy, compact, easy".

The large cockpit allows her to settle comfortably when the wind is desired. "I stand perpendicular to the axis of the boat with my feet up and look at the other boats, the coast, the mountains in the distance. I take it as a moment of relaxation and I'm also happy when there's very little wind, just being on the water and spending time outside the hustle and bustle of the city and everyday life. »

It's a catalyst for conversations

Pleasant on the water, the Reverso arouses interest on land. "Every time I put it in the water, people ask me questions. They're amazed that you can fit a boat like this into a car, especially as it's not very big, it's a Golf Break. It's a catalyst for conversations, it's a boat that creates a bond! "Switzerland is the first country to be conquered by the Reverso, with around thirty units sailing on the various lakes. Simon explains: "In Switzerland, there is a real market because there are quite a few lakes and places are limited. A lot of people have the same problem as me and the Reverso is a good solution. »


In the long term, he dreams of embarking his daughter - 2 years old today - and to make her discover the pleasure of sailing. "It's a boat that is very easy, very manoeuvrable for children. It's a fantastic toy. "In the meantime, he is keeping an eye on the weather forecast and is already planning to sail next weekend.

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