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The wind is calling ? Answer it !

The wind is calling ? Answer it !


Nothing was planned. You weren't supposed to be free that day, and the weather report told a different story. The scenario only really took shape the day before, but you would have been able to react until the last moment. A beautiful day was coming up and you took the day off. The wind is blowing from the west and the sky is clear. You could have gone climbing, gone for a bike ride or it's sometimes necessary, do nothing at all but the moments at sea are so precious. You load the equipment in the car, in an hour you will be at the seaside.


The Reverso reinvents the way of sailing. It is a boat that integrates the need for mobility, there is no more constraint between you and a beautiful session on the water. Wherever the wind blows. You take your boat as you would take your longboard, your windsurfing gear or your kitesurfing quiver. You might even be tempted to say better. You call your friends, you will find yourself on the spot. Your wife is there, she comes with you. Unless she took her Reverso before you. You liked red, she fell in love with cobalt blue and the kids liked it too. Is it Wednesday? Good, the whole family is going to go on the water. The Reverso is perfect for two.


There are 15/18 knots. In five minutes everything is ready. You think it's impossible, watch the video of the assembly. You're a newbie ? Come on, it will take you ten minutes. The Reverso was designed with the notion of instantaneity in mind. Your "plans" can change at the last minute, for a multitude of reasons, and logistics or complexity should no longer be an obstacle to your desires.

The lines of the hull are sublime, it is a beautiful toy. Even mathematicians say that the truth is often in a beautiful equation. The Reverso is sophisticated and simple at the same time. You tuck it in, it's so light that it accelerates instantly. Water flows under the hull. You delay, it slows down, you want more, it won't saturate. You have the stick well in hand, you are on the schedule, you feel the power of the swell, the tension in the sail, the land no longer exists, the colors are beautiful, nothing compares to this feeling. The Reverso is the shortest way between you and the sea. The Reverso is a boat that has understood the spirit of gliding.


Nothing was planned. You were not supposed to be free that day. But you have a Reverso...

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