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Unmatched stability

Unmatched stability

Boat stability - when it matters the most

  • Start and arrival phases
  • When the sea is getting rough, you need a boat that has a safe behaviour
  • When taking friends or kids, you want the experience to be smooth and fun
  • If you start, re-start sailing, or coach your kids, stability is an asset for fast track learning

Let's dig in the reasons why the Reverso Air stands out regarding boat stability

1 flat bottomed hull shape

The Reverso's shape is showing a very flat surface underwater with a forward V-shape.
Usually, on a more old school dinghy like a laser or 420, the shape is rounded. This has some advantages in reducing the wetted surface, especially upwind, but we made a different decision due to our experience : the flat bottomed shape allows an unrivaled static stability while providing better control at high speeds.

2 : The hard chine

The chine is the sharp angle shape on the side of the hull. While this was common on plywood boats, you'll find it on very modern yachts. On the Reverso, the chine contributes to stability performance, especially when the speed increases, the boat feels to be "on a rail", proividing very accurate and stable ride.

3 : large width (beam)

Super large width makes things easier, especially during Gybes and tacks, when the boom never hits the water. It also helps a lot for bigger guys that feel a bit cramped on narrower yachts.

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