Small Racing Sailboats

We build the Reverso Air, the high performance racing sailboat for demanding sailors. Explore the Reverso difference.

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The next-level Racing Sailing Dinghy

Discovers what high performance dinghy sailing means when sailing super-light

Advanced Racing technology

Definitely not the standard dinghy.. The Reverso Air featues a full carbon mast, a state of the art membrane sail and a premium glass/carbon infusion hull.

Racing & events

Definitely an exciting part of the sport, the regattas are a social competitive and friendly events.
Wether you are a dinghy racing expert or you are  you're quite new to the sport, we strongly recommend that you join an event. The proximity and advices of other sailors will definitely elevate your game and you'll learn a lot !

High Performance sailing

Reach high speeds, with less efforts and more flow.

The next evolution in sailboat racing design

Larger, flatter with more volume. The design we released lets you drive faster, with more control. The light sandwich hull provides

Snap turns

Manufacturing Excellence

100% made in France
Our boatyard is situated in France (Brittany), the development is at Montpellier (Occitanie)
Our logistic facility based in Nantes ships every weeks or Reverso to Europe, Switzerland🇨🇭, USA 🇺🇸  and in every part of the world



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Performance & Racing