Portable & foldable  


The Reverso is shipped in a box and folds up in 180 seconds

"The French-built Reverso can be easily assembled in just a few minutes-no need for a trailer or launch ramp-the build quality is outstanding and the fully assembled hull is rock-solid under sail"

sail-magazine USA

Portable sailboat : the full guide →

Folds up inside your car's trunk

No trailer, no marina. The Reverso Air folds up in 180 seconds and travels in your car's trunk.
It fits in most SUV's, hatchback and family cars.

Can be towed with a bike

If you live not far from the sea or the river, you can just tow your Reverso behind your bike or e-bike and go sailing !

No more storing fees

The folding Reverso Air can be stored anywhere with the same size as a bicycle when folded.

in small sailboat manufacturing

"I'm excited to tell you that I received my sailboat tonight. This sailboat looks like art !
I'm very satisfied. Thank you very much"

Dr Yeh - Singapore

Awarded design

The Reverso Air is a USA boat of the year winner.
It has been extensively tested and approved in the USA and Europe by journalists from Sail magazine, Skippers Magazine, voiles et voiliers, BOAT International.

The Reverso factory

We build sailboats we are proud of for people we care about, in our factory located in Brittany, France.
This new factory was especially designed to build the Reverso Air and organized around lean manufacturing, and Kaizen concepts (continuous improvement)


Our small sailboat are made to last. They are intended to cross generations.
We build them with a very strong sandwich composite with a honeycomb core. They are easy to repair by yourself or by a professionnal nearby.

Sailing dinghy

I love it!! Very well balanced, responsive, and fast! Accelerates in the slightest puff of wind! I had my second sailing session today. There was a bit more breeze with gusts up to 12 - 15 kts. It was a blast. She is very stable on a reach and is fast to plan. Really a joy to sail. Thank you for designing this!

Gordon - HK

Reverso : performance sailing dinghy →

Racing DNA

We come from Sailboat racing, civil aviation and naval architecture. We are
The Reverso Air clearly has this racing DNA 

Black Membrane sail

Efforts are not spread equally in a sail profile, that is the reason why we use Membrane technology : Digital fibre application according to the sail's forces: XXL resistance in the stress zones and 3-ton press applied for perfect and durable lamination.
Woven in Italy, made in France for your Reverso.

Full carbon mast

Our carbon sectional mast weights only 6.5 lbs / 2.95 kgs
This mast is also 100% drill-less.
We use a very high bond processes to avoid drilling the mast and have an increased durability.

Small sailboat

I bought a Reverso and it's a super dope boat. I have a Laser as well and it's really more of a solo boat. The Reverso has much roomier cabin for my 2 kids.
Build quality is excellent and super well thoughtout!

Roy - NY

Sailing with kids

Kids feel safe and protected with the high freeboard and great stability of the Reverso Air.
Sharing the love of sailing with kids is a fantastic opportunity to build a family tradition.
An opportunity to disconnect together and share emotions.

2 person sailboat

Certified up to 180 kgs, the Reverso Air is a two-handed sailing dinghy. The flush deck let you spread your leg and offers a lot of space inside.

Single person sailing

Single handed sailing requires a light boat for easy handling. and capsize recovery.
With a weight of 55 kgs , the Reverso hull is light and durable.

Coaching the kids

Rolling tacks, crew coordination... the Reverso Air is a performance dinghy that will keep the pace along your progression. It's the perfect platform to take your kids with you and then to let them learn advanced sailing skills and build confidence.
You can learn to sail on a Reverso Air, but we recommend you take your first lessons with a certified instructor from US sailing if you are in the USA.

One iconic
sailing dinghy
4 personalizations

Reverso Air

Rigid planing & ultra-stable hull
Fully folding hull
Carbon mast
High tech membrane sail
Premium infusion construction
Handmade in France

Reverso Air - Cobalt blue edition

Rigid planing & ultra-stable hull
Fully folding hull
Carbon mast
High tech membrane sail
Premium infusion construction
Handmade in France
Glassy gelcoat finish
Racing design : cobalt blue & light grey

Reverso Air - Karma red edition

Rigid planing & ultra-stable hull
Fully folding hull
Carbon mast
High tech membrane sail
Premium infusion construction
Handmade in France
Glassy gelcoat finish
Racing design : Karma red& light grey

Reverso Match

Rigid planing & ultra-stable hull
Fully folding hull
Carbon mast
High tech membrane sail
Premium infusion construction
Handmade in France
Glassy gelcoat finish
Exclusive design in collaboration with Ropeye creative lab
Electronic speedo with instant and max speed
Limited and numbered edition (50 units)

We ship worldwide, direct to you

We build, pack and ship our small sailboats from our french boatyard, directly to you.
We are just an email away from you and you are direcly connected to the expert team that developped and builds the Reverso Air

Sailing dinghy
‍for yachts

We have 2 onboard. I have yet to see anything better suited to yachts for carrying sailing dinghies. But on top of that, they are great fun to sail, with a really nice powerful square top, and a great hull shape, even the seasoned sailors onboard are loving them!

Rob Cumming - Wally yacht captain, Palma

A Reverso Air behind M/Y Mariu, a Codecasa 50m superyacht

The Ultimate Superyacht toy

Whatever the yacht size, space is always an issue. With a foldable sailing dinghy you can have your own yacht club onboard. The Reverso Air is built around reliability and durability and is #1 choice in the superyacht industry.

Quality, end to end

From boat design, to material choice, shipping and durability we make no concessions. Welcome to the Reverso experience, there is no way back and that's why some owners ordered, 1, 2, then a third Reverso, not only for the yacht but also for beach house fun as well.

Fast shipping & international warranty


The design of the Reverso is incredibly subtle. That's what gives it its astonishing marine capabilities and outstanding storage capacity. Take full control ! Zoom and navigate inside every detail.

Specifications and dimensions

All the specifications and materials used


1, 2 adults or 1 adult and 2 kids (max 160 kgs)

Dimensions : length 3.40m   width 1.45m
Storage dimensions : length 145cm height 92 cm width 73 cm
Transport dimensions : length 145cm width 92 cm height 73 cm

Sandwich Vacuum infused hull

Bi-axial fiberglass structure, honeycomb Soric® core,  carbon reinforcements
Swivel rudder, Saber daggerboard with fully adjustable height

Section 1 : 9.0 kgs
Section 2 : 14.2 kgs
Section 3 : 16.8 kgs
Section 4 : 17.2 kgs

The Reverso Air is very easy to assemble by one person. However, it can take up to 2 adults for sailing.

100% carbon, 4 sections of 1.45m
weight 2.95 kgs

Membrane technology - 7.0m²
Automated fibre layering- Offshore racing technology

Certification body : ICNN

Category of navigation : D


Innovative and patented technologies, derived from architecture (Tension Dynamics®) and offshore racing


These sails are used in offshore races like the Vendée globe. They are the best choice for offshore sailors because they are lighter, more performant and more durable.

Introduced mid-2019 on reverso, the Black Membrane massively extended the boat's wind range, bringing even more power in light winds

In stronger winds, the black Membrane keeps a very stable profile, it doesn't flap during gusts or manoeuvers thus allows a faster sailing with more flow.


The carbon technology brings massive gains for boat responsiveness, righting moment (less heeling) and is much easier fo masting.

We innovated and all the deckware is connected to the mast without drills, for increased durability.


This pre-tensioning patented system is Reverso's rigidity secret. it combines a lever locking system with two Dyneema® straps tensioned by 2 dedicated pulley system.

Quick Q & A

Do you ship to the USA ?

We ship our sailboats worldwide.

For USA we work with american logistics company XPO
We already shipped to NY, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego...

The transit time for east coast is usually 4-5 weeks.
We have faster shippings for west coast as we have some airfreight opportunities.

What about shipping to Europe ?

We are based in France, and have a logistic platform in Nantes.
We ship anywhere in Europe in 5-7 days

Who are the Reverso sailors ?

The Reverso sailors are innovators from all around the world aiming for smarter sailing.
We have sailors from 7 to 74 and have different profiles :

Beach house owners get a Reverso as a perfect addition for the sea/lake lifestyle with the lowest commitment. The can have a super modern and easy dinghy for family sailing or freeriding.

Urban sailors : young active people that wok in the city use their Reverso as a gateway to nature every weekend.

Outdoor sport people : climbers, cyclers, surfers fans that thought dreamt about sailing but couldn't have their own boat

Parents that want to share the love of sailing with their young kids.

Seasoned and avid sailors who want to spend less time on logistics and more time on the water

Can I join sailboat racing with a Reverso ?

Definitely an exciting part of the sport, the regattas are a social competitive and friendly events.
Even if you're quite new to the sport, we strongly recommend that you join an event. The proximity and advices of other sailors will definitely elevate your game and you'll learn a lot !

Who can sail a small sailboat ?

Almost anyone ! In 2021, small sailboat sailing is not anymore a tough and physical sport. If you want to keep the ability to handle the boat single handed, you should take care of picking a light and versatile sailboat.
Kid can start early with their parents and then start sailing solo, under supervision.
We are stocked to see more people joining the sport, year after year on what is truly a life-changing experience.

Learning to sail a small sailboat : the national Federation and the clubs

An excellent way to learn sailing is to join a club. if you are in the US, check the website of the US Sailing Federation, you will find all the clubs near your home.

US sailing logo

You will be offered a variety of ways to learn small boat sailing: private lessons if your schedule is tight, or joining a group is a great way to learn. You will be more assiduous and more motivated if you join a team, and the confrontation on the water is always good!

It is quite possible to train in a club directly on your new Reverso Air.

You can also suggest to your partner or your children to be trained as well (it is often better to entrust the teaching to a professional, who will be more patient and will have the right teaching levers to progress in dinghy sailing).

You will then be able to include Reverso and sailing as a family tradition !

What is exactly a small sailboat ?

a small sailboat is generally defined as a sailboat

  • shorter than 20ft
  • that can be either a sailing dinghy or a beach catamaran
  • the key aspects are is the light weight and the ease of use

The most widely distributed is the sunfish, designed in the 1960's and claiming more than quarter million units sold. the fastest is the foiling moth, and the most innovative is probably the folding Reverso Air.