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The Reverso owners are innovators, passioned by design and often looking for more freedom.
They each have their own reason to set sail. it could be for exploring, for sharing their passion for the sailing, for feeling the wind or just being outside on the ocean, diconnecting and feeling good.

Laure Lipinski : The Reverso effect

Aged 33, Laure Lipinski is a very dynamic young woman. She is an Air France pilot, mother of a one-and-a-half year-old boy, and a long-standing sportswoman (horse riding, gliding, gymnastics, climbing, underwater hockey). Sailing is

Jean-Luc Fardin : My Reverso sails-out every day

"My dream sailing session ? It would be a good westerly wind between barbatre and gueriniere to make a great 7 miles leg full speed on the reach. "

Simon Van der Linden : Swiss sailing

"I consider myself a passionate person. I've always been attracted to boats and I've been getting back into them since I've been living by the lake," explains this young father, who launched the boat in February. He fell in love at first sight with the ultra-transportable dinghy ...