Transporting your Reverso Air

The Reverso Air is the only rigid portable sailboat that can be carried in the trunk of a car.
Chargement du dériveur Reverso dans le coffre d'un SUV

No need for a trailer.

Because of the complexity of transportation, a dinghy sailboat or a catamaran often remain stationary throughout its career. Only competitors who are used to dealing with this complexity transport their boat.

The Reverso Air is the answer to this problem, it is extremely portable and can easily be taken with you to explore new water bodies.
Dériveur démontable Reverso cobalt blue dans le coffre d'un SUV VW Tiguan
Un Reverso Air ici chargé dans un VW Tiguan

In the trunk of your car

It is designed to travel in SUV, station wagon, family and utility cars. In this configuration, the rear seats will be folded. Here are some examples of vehicles, the list is not exhaustive!)

BMW X1, X3, X5, VW Tiguan, Porsche Macan & Cayenne, Touareg, Volvo XC40, XC70, XC90, Jeep renegade, Audi Q5, Dacia Duster Peugeot 308....

In a family vehicle like a station wagon, you can keep 2 back seats aligned and load the Reverso "standing up", on the side.
Chargement d'un dériveur pliable sur une plateforme d'attelage

Alternative: on a tow hitch platform

Section 1 (bow of the reverso is loaded in the trunk, and the other 3 sections are strapped on the platform) Model Type : Thule or Norauto
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