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How to make your kids love sailing

Sharing your sport and the pleasure of sailing is a great feeling. However, external elements: waves, chop, cold, strong wind can come and tarnish a good moment and demotivate your children. Discover our instructor's pro tips

Easy Sailing

Inside Reverso

During the sailing instructor training, we learn to place the child in "favorable conditions for success".

Here is a non-exhaustive list of points from my experience as an instructor with the youngest.

Key points

  • Objective n°1 : to make them love sailing. Play, sensations but no boring technique.
  • Do not hesitate to move and change spot, to find a very calm water. This is very easy with a folding dinghy like the Reverso.
  • Safety equipment: 100N vest, suit, shoes, cap
  • Kids like playing games, include them in the customization of the boat and create game scenarios and exploration objectives.

Don't set the wrong goal

Develop Their Senses First

Sometimes, out of enthusiasm, we want to go fast with our children, to transmit a lot of elements and the result is not the height: the child is tired of it, the parents are a little frustrated with the situation.

The main objective is to get them to love sailing and to get them hooked. A child doesn't need to theorize about points of sail, or even know the difference between a tack and a gybe. It is more important to develop their sensations, and their experience when they accompany you.

3 kids playing around onboard a Reverso Air
Starting to sail at a young age is an opportunity and a fantastic opening to the ocean and nature. The role of the parents is above all to create a desire, to allow the child to develop pleasure and to have sensations, without trying to focus on the technique.

Choosing the right water body

A Calm And Flat Body Of Water

Late summer afternoons are ideal. The wind calms down, the sea smoothes out. Find a protected body of water, a sheltered bay or a nice lake. The Reverso is portable, so take the opportunity to explore and find the perfect spot. Choose your day well, to enjoy yourself.

A Reverso Air ready to sail with its crew on a beautiful summer afternoon.

The boat: stable and secure

The Case Of The Reverso Air

Although the Reverso Air is capable of extremely fast sailing, it has also been designed to be easy and safe. Here are some of the features that make it a great sailboat for children:

  • Ultra-stable hull due to its large width and flat bottom.
  • Raised boom.
  • XXL cockpit completely uncluttered, nothing drags, the sail hoist is centered, and you have room for your legs.
  • The frank side edges reassure and protect, children feel safe.
The XXL cockpit of the Reverso Air seen from a drone - Father and son outing

Equipment : adapted !

  • 100N vest adapted to his size (if the child is < 25 kg)
  • Small wetsuit like a shorty (minimum)
  • Shoes: sneakers or decathlon aquatic shoes (starts at 28/29) to evolve with confidence on board.
  • Cap + sun cream in stick

Final tips

The most important advice: the main objective is not to disgust them! The outings should be very short: 10 minutes initially. Come with another adult who will bring the child directly on board when the boat is in the water and who will pick him up.

Turn the outing into a game with a scenario

For example : Let's explore the shore, look for treasure, board that catamaran at anchor... Indeed, children need to develop their imagination, and find a reason for any action.

Add stickers to personalize the family boat

By putting a small sticker on the front: pirate, nemo, or their favorite brand of skate/surf or other sport for teens.

Perform some artwork on your dinghy

Use with Posca® pencils with the name of your boat or the name of a racing boat you like.