Reverso Match

Limited & numbered edition of the Reverso air featuring a dark grey hull, exclusive custom graphics and electronic speed display. The Reverso Match is the ultimate small sailboat

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The story behind the Reverso Match

It all started with a conversation with the genius Designer Jaanus Tamme. Besides being an architect, a designer and an entrepreneur, Jaanus is also a true innovator. He founded and was the head of R&D at Ropeye® deckware brand and you'll find his designs on the Flying phantoms catamarans up to François Gabart's latest Ultim 32m offshore flying yacht.

Jaanus designed the Reverso Match, a very aggressive edition of the Reverso Air, taking advantage of a dark grey gelcoat, military inspired bow stripes and the big inverted R with a. semi transparent effect in the sail.

The Reverso Match combines technical innovation of the Reverso Air with superlative design.

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What you'll get with your Reverso Match :

Foldable Hull

Ultra-stable rigid planing hull

Fits 1, 2 adults or 1 adult and 2 children (max 180 kgs)

Dimensions : 3.40 x 1.45m

Fully dismountable small sailboat, composed of 4 closed sections that float independently

Storage or transport dimensions: length 145 cm height 73 cm width 92 cm

Oversized, doubled Tension Dynamics® locking system - Pre-stretched on our test bench.

Bi-axial fiberglass structure, Soric® honeycomb core, carbon reinforcements

High-end infusion construction

Gore-tex venting system on each hull section

Certification body : ICNN

Handmade made in France


7m² Black membrane sail : Next generation of sails

Carbon mat in 4 sections. L=500 cm, 140 cm sections with carbon sleeve

Composite rudder, NACA profile with swivel head

Composite sabre centerboard. Airex  foam core. NACA Profile.
Adjustable in height

High end Allen tiller + extension

2-piece anodized aluminum boom, high quality Selden fittings

All hoists pre-assembled in our factory

Delivery box in triple fluted cardboard on custom pallet (wooden box for export and overseas shipments)

Accessories: the Reverso experience

We have a whole range of accessories developed for Reverso : from the telescopic launching trailer to the electronic speedo and custom-made covers.
All accessories are described in our brochure, which you can request by configuring your boat below.

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The Reverso yachts are already sailing in more than 25 countries, on every continent.

5 stars

Just after receiving my boat, I was able to participate in a first regatta. The handling is easy, I was also able to take the children on short: excellent boat, great team I am more than delighted!

Tanguy L.
  Verified buyer

5 stars

I have a few outings under my belt and already have a few nice surfs. aA nice boat. bravo for the quality of construction. My son, with whom we had discussed the project of buying a Reverso, is just as delighted as I am with his first tests.

François M.    Verified buyer

5 stars

First of all I wanted to thank you for the quick delivery of my Reverso; I could even enjoy it on the weekend of June 12-13. This dinghy is really a success, super practical, and very sensitive to the slightest wind breeze.
Patrick V.    Verified buyer

5 stars

I own the Reverso number 2 of the series, which I received in 2017, for my 30th birthday! It is pure pleasure, the boat starts at the quarter turn and goes to the planning. it is very accessible, we can even take beginners on board.
Laure L.    Verified buyer