David Goulet, CTO - Excellence in small sailboat building

"Building sailboats we are proud of for people we care about" Meet David, our CTO, who brings the care and the quality that made our brand reputation.

Antoine Simon, Reverso Founder

The inventor of the Reverso concept, Antoine Simon, is a young airline pilot with a passion for sailing, discovery and travel. He discovered sailing in Brittany, became a federal coach and [...]

Charles Bertrand, Naval Architect

Accomplished sailor, Charles rides and designs anything that is sleek and fast on the water, from surf foils to ocean crossing yachts. His designs were produced at thousands of units. Meet Charles, one of the most talented naval architects of his generation.


Reverso : The Racing DNA

As compact as it may be, the Reverso benefits, with this gliding hull, directly from the considerable evolution of naval architecture in recent years. Why does ocean racing make us dream? For those long runs. The Reverso's proposal is clear, it is similar.

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