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Reverso : The Racing DNA

"Reverso's design is influenced by ocean racing, aviation and board sports"

Explains Charles Bertrand, a young naval architect who is able to design with the same success a 9.5 m sports monohull sailboat equipped with a Dynamic Stability System (a very special telescopic foil), a kitesurf twin-tip or a complete line of foil. Sailor, kitesurfer, daring, he designed the hull of the Reverso. It is modern, wide, powerful, stable, fast.

Indeed, as compact as it may be, the Reverso benefits, with this gliding hull, directly from the considerable evolution of naval architecture in recent years. Why does ocean racing make us dream? For those long runs. The Reverso's proposal is clear, it is similar. Pulling out of the high seas, taming the speed, feeding off it. Make the most of the wind.  Falling down and feeling accelerated even in light winds. Going out on the water to get that unique and exhilarating feeling that windsurfers know so well. But thinking this time I'm taking my kid or the woman I love (unless it's the other way around) I just want to see her smile when we're both accelerating on the swell. The Reverso will undoubtedly serve to transmit a passion. That of freedom and the sensations that go with it. That of the boat too, this magical craft, a combination of a hull and a sail, a daggerboard, a rudder, all connected by ropes and a few pulleys. This boat that can give meaning to a life. The Reverso is only 3.40 m long, so what? Today it is a sign of modernity. 

Infused hull, vacuum molding, patented tension system, Soric, Airex, glass/polyester, moabi and carbon, the Reverso is indeed a concentrate of technology. The kinship with aviation comes from there, it's not surprising, its designers come from the aeronautics industry. Excellence is a state of mind. Once again, the length of the hull is a detail. A "small" boat can benefit from the most advanced solutions and other materials of the moment, it is a guarantee of efficiency and performance and we made this choice.

We have selected the best and most innovative fittings from Ronstan, Wichard, and Ropeye to guarantee the best quality. Our most precise parts are machined in 3D aluminum and Delrin in Vendée. Our Dyneema® ropes, woven in France, are spliced in the rules of the art, by our expert sailor. 

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