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Antoine Simon, Reverso Founder

Nomads and visionaries

The inventor of the Reverso concept, Antoine Simon, is a young airline pilot with a passion for sailing, discovery and travel. He discovered sailing in Brittany, became a federal trainer and then taught in La Trinité-sur-Mer, Greece and Corsica. 

He then left to study in South Africa in 2003 where he discovered aviation, then joined ENAC and Air France as an airline pilot on the A320. 

His dream? To imagine a stealthy, light, transportable boat that would allow him to free himself from the constraints of a home port, to dock as close as possible to all coasts, even the most impassable, and to regain a feeling of gliding while remaining at an affordable price.

Antoine Simon and his dream team of passionate visionaries had the ambition to go beyond a dinghy to make a boat with modern, powerful, sleek, streamlined lines.

When Antoine is not aboard a Reverso, you will probably find him near the sea, practicing lifesaving sports, apnea or surfing.

Confidence without compromise

The culture of excellence is what has nourished the project from the beginning. The high-tech materials and composites used are the most reliable in the world, adopted for offshore racing, extreme sports, motor racing and aeronautics. These include the Dyneema ® fiber of the ropes, well known to mountaineers and up to 15 times stronger than steel, or vacuum infusion, a very advanced technique that ensures extreme cohesion of the hull, essential to resist the opposing forces of the ocean.

The high-tech spirit of Reverso requires intense precision and numerous meticulous manual steps such as trimming, assembly, gluing, finishing. French manufacturing gives it an undeniable asset, thanks to the worldwide reputation of its shipyards. Reverso is CE certified and meets 6 ISO standards.

It has been tested and certified by the experts of the ICNN of La Rochelle and was awarded the prestigious "boat of the year in the USA".

The real twist for Reverso? Its clients. They are passionate sailors or great sailing professionals, inventors from the world of high tech or NTIC... What better recognition could one hope for this incredible little dinghy that already seems to mark the future?