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David Goulet, CTO - Excellence in small sailboat building

Summary of seamanship

David Goulet alias “yard407” is not a typical character. He was the first hire for Reverso Project, which brought him in as technical director, but he has more than one string to his bow.

David is a bit of a Gyro Gearloose, a mad scientist, sure, but with seriousness to boot. If everything he touches succeeds, it is mainly because he is very precise and takes his time. Able to make a splice with his eyes closed, drive a 32-tonne truck, set up an online business and play 4 instruments, David has many facets and has had as many professional lives before building small sailing boats.

Passionate about racing sailing and running a blog dedicated to the ‘Class C’, I was fascinated by the technicality of the boats. On weekends, I used to have fun using knots and ropes to optimise rigging. I taught myself and later got trained by a specialist.

He became a rigger, a profession still based on ancestral techniques, but brought up to date with modern ropes. So for instance, he replaces stainless steel shackles with sets of lines and splices in Spectra ® or Kevlar. It is a demanding passion that requires precision.

David, carefully checking care of a new Reverso Match small sailboat

Yes, and in every field !

Passionate? Yes, and in every field. David now spends his free time composing music, particularly dancehall and reggae. Here again, it is the technical side that prevails. He even hosts a Jamaican-style sound system collective and a radio show. In addition to all this, David plays guitar, bass, and drums with controllers and software. "The rest, we learn with time. To make music, you have to touch everything, and take your time over it.” Yes, and you need talent too, of course. But you won’t hear that from David. "For me it's the only way to do it. I don't know how others do it, but if there are not many of us, then so much the better.” It is thanks to this unquenchable curiosity, this entrepreneurial thirst that David engineered the encounter with Reverso Project.

He is now the technical director at Reverso, the innovative small sailboat company. A real Swiss army knife of a man, he knows how to do everything. David is always one step ahead with ideas that are not found elsewhere, and a careful eye on the quality of each Reverso sailing dinghy, which he personally checks. Sailing a Reverso? Yes, David admits to getting out in the boat for his own pleasure as often as possible. His best day on the water was a tranquil one. Deserted, you might even say. It was the day of a certain World Cup final, when France was crowned the world’s best soccer team, but that's another story...