A powerful design.

Welcome to the "Reverso" dimension: a world of high-tech and fast navigation enthusiasts.

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The design of the Reverso is incredibly subtle. This is what gives it its marine abilities and its outstanding storage capacity. Discover Reverso in all its details in 3 dimensions.

The influence of surfing

Carène entière du voilier Reverso, vue du dessous. Bouchains, redan et étrave inversée.
This influence comes from the team and the designer, who brought their passion for surfing and windsurfing. It is reflected in the very innovative lines for a small sailboat, the shapes and volumes. Its wide, flat hull generates power and allows you to surf the swell or the slightest chop.

The Racing DNA

Dériveur double Reverso Air qui navigue avec deux enfants au planning sur un lagon de la Réunion

Ocean racing is a permanent laboratory of innovation. It pushes our sport to the top. Over the last 10 years, developments in hull shapes, composites and sails have transformed our sport. We claim a modern and technological sailing, and seek to integrate a maximum of these technologies for our sailboats.

French manufacturing

To be fully effective, a great design must be served by a precise, durable and lightweight construction.

State of the art technology

Carbon mast, infused hull, next generation membrane sail... The Reverso Air has the highest level of standard equipment.

Inspired by ocean racing

Because ocean racing fascinates us, inspires us and pushes us to the top.

Awarded design

The Reverso Air is nominated for best design at the Audi talents awards and elected "Boat of the Year" in the USA.
Titre de bateau de l'année aux Etats-Unis pour le dériveur Reverso Air
Notre dériveur nominé meilleur design aux Audi talents awards
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